15 Reasons to Choose South of Highway 20 in Freeport Over Santa Rosa Beach or North of Highway 20 New construction homes in Freeport Florida

15 Reasons to Choose South of Highway 20 in Freeport Over Santa Rosa Beach or North of Highway 20

Posted on by Laura Bernstein

Choosing where to live along Florida’s beautiful Emerald Coast can be challenging with so many appealing locations. South of Highway 20 in the city of Freeport offers unique advantages that set it apart from its more famous neighbor, Santa Rosa Beach, and the northern part of Freeport itself. Here’s why you might consider setting down in what is considered one of the best locations on the Emerald Coast of Florida.


South of Highway 20 in Freeport offers significantly more affordable housing options than Santa Rosa Beach, possibly providing more value for your investment.

Less Tourist Traffic

Enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Coast without the heavy tourist traffic that characterizes Santa Rosa Beach, making it a more relaxed living environment.

Closer to Major Highways

This area offers better accessibility to major highways, making commutes and travel more convenient.

Community Feel

The area boasts a strong sense of community with a more laid-back, residential atmosphere compared to the tourist-centric vibe of Santa Rosa Beach.

Natural Beauty

The southern part of Freeport is surrounded by natural beauty, including access to lesser-known nature trails and green spaces.

Lower Cost of Living

Beyond just housing, the overall cost of living is generally lower, allowing for a more affordable lifestyle.

Local Amenities

Despite its tranquility, the area is home to all necessary amenities, including shops and restaurants.

Outdoor Activities

The area offers abundant outdoor activities, from hiking and biking to fishing and boating, thanks to its proximity to natural landscapes.

Growing Job Market

South of Highway 20 is experiencing economic growth, leading to more job opportunities close to home.

Waterfront Dining

The southern part of Freeport Florida (and just outside of city limits) has waterfront dining within a few minutes, making enjoyment of coastal living higher.

Choosing to live south of Highway 20 in Freeport offers a blend of affordability, tranquility, and community-centric living. This area is particularly appealing for those looking to escape the busier tourist spots without sacrificing the perks of coastal living. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, looking for a place to retire, or seeking an investment property, south of Highway 20 in Freeport is an area worth considering.  

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